Complete Guide for India Army Aspirants

Of course we all know that, with the passage of time armed military have, right now, become a pedestal to an excellent and enticing profession. These days, in this post I am going to inform you all you need to know about getting into Indian defense services. This article mainly deals with entering armed forces in an officer’s post. Total Defense Career Guidance: Following table will provide you with a basic instruction on different ways of serving in Indian Armed Forces. All applicants successful in written test who are called by SSB Board for personal meet with. SSB (Service Selection Board) – Service option board known as SSB is liable for recruiting appropriate and pleasant persons for Armed Military. SSB’s obligation contains carrying out exams routinely, as well as, conducting background check and interviews of applicants. There is numerous head office of SSB throughout the nation, which are enumerated below. For Indian Air Force, these centers are at Varanasi and Mysore. For Indian Navy, these types of centers are at Coimbatore, Bhopal as well as Bangalore. For Indian Army too these option centres are at Coimbatore, Bhopal and Bangalore. Right now I will undergo all the entry tests leading to Defense Services.  Contact NDA Coaching in Chandigarh for any information regarding NDA Exam.

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National Defense Academy (NDA) Entrance Examination: NDA entrance test is performed by Union Public Services Commission for candidates who have appeared/passed their 12th class exams.

NDA exam is performed twice a year, once in February and again in august.

Apply Online for NDA Exam

Written tests are depending on 12th standard mathematics and English. You can verify the detailed syllabus from adjoining link.

Candidate who clears the written exam is then called for SSB interview and medical check. Keep relaxed and work tirelessly.

Air Force Common Aptitude Test Entry Scheme: The Indian Air Force Performs an individual written test twice a year in months of August and February. The victorious applicants are then called for personal interview by SSB board. The final merit list of rewarding candidate is based on an assortment of written/ interview/medical and pilot battery test. Pilot Battery Test is a particular test only for applicant applying for Pilot post.

The last strategy of option in Indian Air Force through Air Force Common Aptitude Test is quite similar to that of NDA.

CDS Entry Scheme – The Union Public Services Commission performs a joint entry exam for all streams. It’s a college graduate level exam challenging a lot more knowledge and aptitude. There are unique posts only for engineering pupil. Women applicant is also permitted in this exam. Combined defense services are an offline examination having final entry procedure similar to NDA and Air Force Common Aptitude Test Entry.

Direct Entry Scheme – There are directly SSB interviews for engineering pupils based on their academic rating. NCC certified candidates are also asked on special recommendation.

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We duvet the entire syllabus field by area as per united states, we also put together our scholars with mock assessments, previous 12 months query papers and doubt clearing periods which are carried out each and every week to observe every pupil’s development. Mock scan/ weekly experiment results are additionally discussed to pin factor the place the scholar could also be missing. This ensures that the students comprehend what to assume within the examination, how to strategy the examination, control time efficaciously and get the nice feasible results.

Our extraordinary curriculum covers all points and complete syllabus of the examination. We present 3 months,6 months, 1 yr and until decision courses. We conduct two special written bathes i.E. Starter batch and developed batch situated on entrance efficiency of a scholar. Academy office is open 24 hours a day. Seats are confined and on hand on first come first served foundation.

What do we do?

To ensure your success in Defence examinations, now we have designed our coaching programme in a scientific method that develops each your abilities and your obstacle fixing potential. We inculcate an inherent ability among the many scholars for the adventures and endeavors of the military. To acquire this, we have a group centurion of experienced and most famed Coaching participants and Ex. Officers. Our Institites members are dedicated and devoted participants of absolute best caliber with an exact obstacle for constructing your future in the militia. The academic environment at Defence profession crew is totally conducive enabling you to reach your efforts thus we’re famous as first-class NDA Institute.

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Prepare for NDA exam in effective way

The NDA (National Defence Academy) can be carried out twice in a year by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). The online application is in 2 parts. Part I of form application is for your information and part II of form application is for your payment info.

The applicant should carefully select the center for the examination in the online application form, and the borrower is advised to submit the merely single application form. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) it is probably the most well-known institutions that carried out a lot of examination and NDA is among them. In NDA there are 3 forms of course are. The Indian Army Academy, Indian Navy Academy, Air Forces Academy.

The NDA selection process will be in three stages

Written exam

Personal Interview

Medical review from the commander

How to start NDA Preparation Very Successfully

Initially, you wish to collect all NDA syllabus.

And the primary thing is to improve your skills with NDA online practice paper.

Make a schedule for every subject and study at least 2 to 3 hours.

Try to learn English words in your every day time.

You have to start your preparation early as possible. And don’t wait for tomorrow be ready for these days. You can crack NDA exam with the help of Chandigarh NDA Coaching and Delhi NDA Coaching.

Watch videos on YouTube it helps you for your CDS examination similar to a tutorial, what is the history of Indian, and how to resolve matrices, who is the first president of India. If you want to prepare for CDS exam then join Chandigarh CDS Coaching.

The simplest way to study Make a schedule for 3 or 4 months. In the first month begin to study and second-month practice with mock test and solved paper. In the 3rd month begin revising for CDS examination.

Class 12th books must be known mathematics, physic, and chemistry.

Class 10th books for history, geography and general science.

Practicing for mathematics is extremely important.

Answer just those question for which for which you now the right answered since in NDA exam they are the scheme of negative marketing.

You should now 4 type of skills – speaking, writing, Reading and listening habit in The English language.

Schedule your Study Plan Wisely

For a greater planning , you have to have an intelligent study plan. Here, the smart study plan signifies managing your time and the NDA program efficiently. Your planning schedule should be well organized so you can get good grades.

Your Basics Should Be Clear

Initially, do the analysis of your complete program and mark the topics that need more attention. Start preparing the topics from the basics. If your basic concepts are clear, merely you can resolve high-level problems.

Concentrate on General Knowledge and English Subject

English fluency is needed to get the NDA examination. Your English is not merely tested in a written test, but if there is some fluency in your English, you can also leave an excellent impression on the selectors during the interview.

As general knowledge is part of the program, prepare it well. You can strengthen your participation in GK by reading newspapers, magazines, magazines, referring to books by eminent writers that concentrate on current problems, etc.

Resolve Previous Year Question Papers

It is essential to do the preparation in the correct direction. By solving the questions from the previous year, your speed will be improved and you will get the concept of the NDA examination model of the examination and the level of trouble of the questions on the examination.

Study Material

The preparation of the right books is extremely necessary. The market is full of books, but each book is worth it, it is not possible. After the full analysis, we have ready some NDA books that will assist you get good grades.

Health Maintenance and Personality

NDA selection are based not merely on the written test, but also their personality and health also play a significant role. It is recommended that all aspirants keep it fit and healthy by ingesting sufficient food and water. In addition to that, they also choose yoga or some other exercise or meditation to relieve stress.

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Why candidates choose NDA field?

Common Goals – We are trying to advertise safety and sustain quality in the market. No one want to hear about injuries, shoddy drilling methods or shortcuts that lessen the professional nature of how we perform ourselves. Numerous safety and training materials are available for free to members such as Tailgate Safety Tips, Sample Safety Plans and a Sample Safety Program.

Exchange of data – You want to teach our members and ourselves while providing as much data as possible so that we are not only “a bunch of men punching down a hole.” Employer/employee problems have to be addressed so that we are guarded in today’s litigious society, but also worker circumstances can provide us insight into better workplace environments.

Market Updates – There are nonstop improvements in existing systems, new safety problems and better ways of getting a sample, new systems for sampling and new tooling.

Assistance from Friends – Comprehending that everyone has the same issues, and that by discussing with one another we can discover the solutions we require. You might find that somebody had an unique strategy to the same issue, handled it better or worse or prevented the issue to begin with. We’re all in the drilling business, competitive, professional, helpful, wishing to boost our business, but in an exact vein, we require assistance also.

Network – Other NDA members will assist you when you’re in their neighborhood with a rig and require certain parts or materials. You never need to be hesitant to pass along the names of other NDA members when a client requirements drilling in an area which is too far from you or if you do not need the required resources at the time.

Job Referrals – NDA members get job inquiries from potential clients via their listing on the NDA website. The NDA office also gets phone and email inquiries and will forward those inquiries to members through mass email.

Training – NDA offers in-class training for NHI Subsurface Research Qualification and both in class and online training which will help employees attain certifications.

Learning about advances in technology, various methods to your business, networking, job referrals and teaming up with another individual on a possible project in the future. If you are interested in NDA field then join NDA Coaching in Chandigarh and NDA Coaching in Delhi.
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How can you join Indian air force and navy?

Joining the Airforce:

Each year, a huge number of applicants apply to join the Indian Air Force in the NDA examination. But actually, not many of them succeed. But which is not the end of the road for the applicants who didn’t make it into the NDA. There are numerous different ways to join the Indian Air Force, before and after graduation.

You can join the Air Force by appearing for the Combined Defense Services Exam (CDSE). You should have graduated with an Engineering, Math or Physics Degree. Also, you should not be more than 22 years of age at the beginning of your training. If you pass the written exam, you will need to appear for an interview that will include a Psychological Aptitude Test and a Personality Test. If chosen, you will undergo training at the Air Force Academy.

You can also join the Air Force via the Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT). To go for the Flying Branch, you should be you be a graduate in any discipline and should have secured 60% aggregate. You should not be less than 19 years of age and not more than 23 years of age. The upper age limit is relaxed by two years for Pilots that have a commercial flying license. Also, you should have passed Physics and Math in your Class 12th or in your graduation degree. You can get AFCAT Coaching in Delhi to crack AFCAT exam in easy way.

You can also join the Technical Branch of Air Force via the AFCAT. For the Aeronautical Engineer ( Electronics ) branch, you should have completed a four year degree in Aeronautical Engineering from a recognized university or equivalent examinations as notified . You should be between the ages of 18 – 28 years.

Joining the Navy:

The Navy is that one wing of the Armed military that gives applicants from numerous backgrounds with the possibilities to join. The most simple way is to join via the NDA/NA examination, but there are numerous choices for applicants who did not qualify.

Graduates can join the Navy via the Combined Defense Services Examination (CDSE). You should not be more than 22 years of age and should have graduated with degrees in Engineering, Math or Physics. The written exam will be followed by an interview that will ultimately choose whether you get into the Navy or not. One of the best CDS Coaching in Delhi.

As per the NCC Special Entry Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala, unmarried men can join the Navy given that they are within the ages of 19 – 24. To join the Navy under this scheme, you should have a graduation degree in Engineering, Math or Physics. Also, you have to have a Naval Wing Senior Division NCC ‘C’ Certificate. This can merely be received by members of the National Cadet Corps.

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What is AFCAT and NDA?

AFCAT signifies Air Force Common Admission Test during this examination an aspirant can join Air Force flying branch, as techie or in ground duty branch as an officer. Here each male and female applicant can apply. Exam can be carried out two times in a year.

NDA (National Defence Academy) in this examination merely male applicants can apply. An aspirant can join any of the wing (Air Force, Army, Navy) as per choice, merit and vacancy. Here the applicant will get bachelor degree in arts, science (maths, chemistry, physics and computer science) and humanities arts. If you want to get success in CDS and AFCAT exam then contact with CDS Coaching in Delhi and AFCAT Coaching in Delhi.

Education Qualification: This entry requirement is graduate from recognise university with BSc, BE, B Tech passed with securing 60% and 10+2 passed with maths and physics.

Eligibility Criteria for AFCAT and NDA

Eligibility for AFCAT

Technical Branch: Applicants would be qualified if they have gone through at least four year degree qualification from a recognised University or cleared Parts A and B examination of Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers (India) or Aeronautical Society of India or Graduate membership exam of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers by real studies. Applicants should have studied minimum 8 topics mentioned here.

Flying Branch: Graduates ( Minimum 3 year degree course ) in any discipline from a recognised University who have achieved minimum 60% marks in aggregate in all papers put together and have passed Maths and Physics at 10+2 level or BE / B Tech degree ( 4 year course ) from a recognised University with minimum 60% marks in aggregate in all papers put together.

GDOC: Graduate Degree ( Minimum 3 year degree course ) in any discipline with a minimum of 60%marks in aggregate of all papers put together or a Postgraduate Degree / equivalent Diploma in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate of all papers put together. For Education Branch, Post Graduate Degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate of all papers put together. If you are interested in NDA then you can join NDA Coaching in Chandigarh and NDA Coaching in Delhi.

SSB Process and some preparation tips to crack nda exam

Cadets after clearing the written examination, need to undergo the SSB method. Service selection board or SSB is essentially a board of members who perform an interview depending on Personality development and Overall skills of the candidate. The interview passes for 5-6 days and includes numerous levels and events. The basic skills which are tested are speaking skills, leadership skills, teamwork and intelligence. NDA Coaching in Chandigarh and NDA Coaching in Delhi prepare students for NDA exam and SSB interview.

The interview method is intended over a five-day process. On Day 1 cadets need to go through a screening test, which if cleared by the pupils, permits them to move to the next day. If the pupil fails to clear the screening test, they are asked to go back home and prepare well for next year. Day 2 is the Psychologist Tests, which includes numerous psychological activities. Day 3 & 4 is the group tasks which tests your leadership skills, team work and capability to work in adverse conditions with your associates. Day 5 is the Conference when the outcomes are announced. The personal interview will be carried out anywhere on the day 2,3 or 4 throughout the post lunch or evening hours.

Find out about the complete SSB daily wise process here.


After clearing written examination and SSB interview, applicants need to clear a final round, medical test. In this, cadets are anticipated to be physically fit in all the aspects. Cadets have to fulfill the medical criteria decided by Defence academy. Applicants are therefore encouraged to get themselves medically examined before appearing for the medical round. Cadets really should rectify minor injuries in order to speed up the selection procedure.

Medical process is extremely important for selection in Armed Forces. If you are aspiring to join armed forces, and you have some small problems, it’s advisable which you get it corrected immediately.

How to prepare for NDA examination?

Read all the NCERT books for written examination. For Maths and English, you may have to refer some additional books to practice otherwise most of the ideas are simple that we study in our 11th and 12th grade.

Make a time table before a minimum of 2 months of the written examination and devote at least half hour for all the topics everyday.

For current affairs, it’s recommended which you read newspapers every day and read periodicals regularly.

It’s essential to learn about all the dates and places from history books.

Try to resolve previous year question papers. We have put last year question paper for you down in the article.

Understand numerous maths tactics to save yourself some time.

Practice essay writing and speech providing in English.

Watch motivated videos to keep yourself motivated.

Resolve aptitude issues and real life circumstances.

Buy yourself a preparation book for NDA and NA by RS Agarwal or someone.

Do regular exercise to keep yourself fit.

Get yourself medically examined to see if you stand an opportunity for NDA.

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What educational qualification is required for nda exam?

For admission to the exam, a applicant must have ( anyone of the following):

For Army wing of National Defence Academy: 12th Class pass of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent exam carried out by a State Education Board or a University.

For Air Force and Naval Wings of National Defence Academy and for the 10+2 ( Executive Branch ) Course at the Naval Academy: 12th Class pass of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent with Physics and Mathematics carried out by a State Education Board or a University. NDA Coaching in Delhi and NDA Coaching in Chandigarh where you can get best coaching for nda and other govt exams.

Applicants who are appearing in the 12th Class under the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent exam can also apply for this exam.

NOTE: Applicants appearing in the 11th class examination are not eligible for this exam.

Applicants who are debarred by the Ministry of Defence from keeping any kind of commission in the Defence Services shall not be eligible for admission to the exam and if admitted, their candidature will be cancelled.

Those applicants that have failed INSB/ PABT earlier are not eligible for Air Force.

A applicant who has resigned or withdrawn on disciplinary grounds from any of the training academics of Armed Forces is not eligible to apply.


The entrance for National Defense Academy includes a Written Examination followed by and Intelligence and Personality Test.

The papers in all the topics include Objective ( multiple choice answer ) Type questions merely.

Question Papers of Paper I – Mathematics and Part B of Paper II will be set in English and Hindi.

SI units will be used in the papers and Applicants should use merely International form of Indian numerals ( i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc.) while answering question papers.

Commission have discretion to fix qualifying marks in any or all the topics of the exam.

Applicants are not permitted to use calculators for answering objective type papers (Test Booklets).

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